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Your Wife Wants or Girlfriend Wants a Divorce?

Video on 5 steps to get her back

Text of this video:

Here are five steps to increase the likelihood that your wife or girlfriend will want to be married or in a committed relationship with you:

1. Stop ALL bad behavior

Ask your partner what you have done to make her unhappy.

Make a list of what she tells you so you will remember.

Ask questions to increase your understanding of WHY she is unhappy.

You really need to understand her experience living with you.

When your partner explains why she is unhappy do not get mad at her or defend your behavior.

If you do, she will feel you are excusing and minimizing her feelings about your “bad behavior.”

After considering what your wife or girlfriend has told you if reasonable, correct any behaviors that she finds offensive.

Read articles, books, or get qualified professional help to root out “bad behavior” and replace it with “good behavior.”

2. Apologize

When you understand how your wife or girlfriend has been hurt you can now tell her you are “sorry.”

You don’t have to agree that ALL your behavior was ‘bad.’

However, who do have to regret she was hurt by you.

Acknowledgment that regardless of your intentions she was hurt by you is important to her.

This validation will help her to feel understood and will bring her closer to you.

3. Stop all expressions of anger

Anger and love cannot coexist together.

When both are present in equal measure, anger will always prevail.

Anger destroys relationships!

You may not like or approve of everything your wife or girlfriend does but you do need to stay calm and respectful.

If you find staying calm difficult, get some anger management help.

At the bottom of this video is a link to a wonderful anger management audiobook that has helped thousands of couples restore love, respect, and friendship.

You listen to it for only 8-minutes-a-day. It is available on Amazon.

4. Court your wife or girlfriend

Courtship does not end when you and your partner start living together.

Recall the activities you did together that led to your falling in love with each other.

Start doing them again, find new fun activities and continue doing them in the future.

Courtship requires effort, and the reward will be a loving and lasting relationship.

5. A ‘committed’ relationship is a ‘voluntary’ relationship

Relationship fact: Your wife or girlfriend will stay with you ONLY if you are pleasant to be with.

You put a lot of time, effort, and money into looking attractive.


You need to be kind, generous, cooperative and accepting.

When you are emotionally attractive your wife or girlfriend will want to be with you.

So your wife or girlfriend has told you “she wants a divorce,” and she will get it! — unless you can prove in word and deed that you are becoming a better husband or boyfriend.

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