Divorce is harmful for every family with growing children!

Stop divorce with these proven remedies!

A good relationship is based on scientific principles — learn what they are!*

Because of a lack of the necessary knowledge and tools to mend their troubled relationships, 40-50% of couples end up divorcing. Most of these divorces are unnecessary, and when the family has children, it ends in a catastrophe for everyone.

Psychologists, therapists, clergy, and a range of professionals often endorse the idea that divorce is a solution to marriage problems, and some even proclaim it is beneficial for children.

This lack of belief in the marriage advantage and marriage permanency is because lay individuals and professionals do not know the science of marriage. This relationship ignorance leads to unnecessary suffering and injury for many people.

Hi, this is professional couple therapist Abe Kass. I’m here to teach you the science of building and maintaining a healthy, respectful, and lasting relationship.

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Abe Kass, MA RSW RMFT CCHT, is a registered social worker, registered couple and family therapist, award-winning educator, prolific writer, the founder and owner of the Marriage Counseling Self-Help website.

Abe is the publisher of self-help educational books and programs. Abe has authored eighteen self-help books, audiobooks, and hundreds of self-help articles.

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Action Plan

Fix your Relationship before it is too late!
  1. Learn about common relationship problems.
  2. Determine whether or not your relationship issues are worth fixing.
  3. Find out what happens when relationship problems go unchecked.
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Relationship Toolbox

Build A Healthy Connection With Your Partner
  1. Learn about the 16 scientifically proven principles a successful marriage or committed relationship is built on.
  2. Discover the 16 relationship mistakes that interfere with a loving, caring, and long-lasting relationship.
  3. Love Connection or Emotional Rejection, find out now!

Customer Reviews

Paulo Carr
Anger Control Audiobook
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I began listening to this CD the other day and so far so good. It doesn’t take long at all to listen to it [less than 30 minutes tops]. So far so good… hope I still feel the same way after the couple of week’s listening to it as is requested. I will write a follow up review then.
M. Haun
The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage
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Definitely relevant for anyone who is married and wants to make their marriage better! Simple, easy to understand principles that we tend to forget or take for granted over the years. Suggestions are easy to implement… I think it will help us immensely and I recommend it very strongly!
Assertive Behavior Audiobook
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Incredible. Being a school teacher many extra curricular activities come up. Many a time I was asked to take charge.I could not say “no”. I felt small and meek, unable to voice my opposition. That is, until I purchased this Audio Program. I have since learned to stand up for myself. I have gained the courage to say “no, that’s not what I want”. I feel like a new man. I am in control of MY LIFE. Thank you for the great program!”

*  [The] six principles of scientific inquiry: (1) Pose significant questions that can be investigated empirically; (2) Link research to theory; (3) Use methods that permit direct investigation of questions; (4) Provide coherent chain of rigorous reasoning; (5) Replicate and generalize; and (6) Transparency and scholarly debate.
The Logic and the Basic Principles of Scientific Based Research