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Tips for Men When Your Wife Wants a Divorce

Relationship Harmony to Stop Relationship Breakdown

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Marriage Builder Tips For Men: Relationship Harmony

The problem…

The solution…

Do you want your woman’s love?


Then she must be at peace with you.

A woman hates discord.

Criticism, anger, and arguing cause her to feel distant and she will ‘fall out of love.’

When your wife or girlfriend experiences you like a cactus with sharp needles, don’t expect her to hug you!

Criticism, anger, teasing, name calling, and threats are like sharp needles piercing her emotional skin.

Your wife or girlfriend often disregards what she wants in favor of what she thinks you want.

When her sincere efforts ‘fail to please,’ she feels unappreciated and sad.

She may even lose hope of ever pleasing you.

‘Hopelessness’ is a dangerous place for your wife or girlfriend to be!

She may give-up emotionally, go away, and never come back.

Many men are in a sexless marriage because they have emotionally alienated their wife or girlfriend.

Be a smart guy!

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