Can Emotional Abusers Change?

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If you are the victim of abuse or the perpetrator of abuse, you probably want to know, “Can abusers change?”

Abuse exists because of dysfunctional attitudes and patterns of behavior. Abusers can certainly change their behavior for the better. However, it takes the right approach and hard work.

Start your journey to end emotional abuse by taking the, Can Emotional Abusers Change? quiz.

Learn if the person who is abusing you (or if you are the abuser) has the necessary attitude and approach to STOP the abuse, contribute to the healing of the victim of the abuse, and never abuse again.

Take this 15 questions quiz and find out!

Can Emotional Abusers Change?

15 easy to answer questions and Choose your answer

Can Emotional Abusers Quiz Score... what it means to you... and what you should do next

Hi, this is couple therapist Abe Kass, MA RSW RMFT.

Let’s review your Can Emotional Abusers Change? Quiz score.

Keeping in mind Your Score, scroll-down until you find the range for your score. Then read what your ‘results’ mean.

15 points. Yes, your partner is ready to stop all abuse and change for the better.


Based on your quiz results, it seems like your partner has come to understand how wrong abuse is and what he or she needs to do to make amends. You are fortunate!

14 – 12 points. Your abusive partner is on the road to recovery.


The abusive partner needs additional work to have the right attitude and behavior to stop all abuse. He or she should continue to educate and sensitize himself or herself to be more committed to being a non-abuser.

Less than 11 points. The ‘abuser’ has the wrong attitude about abusive behavior, how wrong it is, the damage it causes, and will likely continue the abuse in the future. The fewer points your abusive partner received under ’11 points,’ the less likely he or she is ready to change for the better.


Likely your abusive partner needs professional help to stop his or her harmful ways. Personal and relationship therapy, anger management, honesty, sensitivity training, spiritual commitment, education about relationships will all likely help this person get ‘real’ about what he or she has done or is still doing.

What to do next:

1. You may be interested in watching this video to learn more about, Can emotional abusers change?

Emotionally Abusive Relationship Healing

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