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Assertive Communication

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Paula’s husband Bill offended others with his ‘opinions’…

His words caused fights… He was always telling others what to do!

In a restaurant, Bill got in a fight with another customer. He ended up with a bloody nose!

Bill got mad at the housekeeper. She quit!

Bill lost several jobs because of ‘bad behavior.’

Paula knew Bill could avoid conflict if he would just ‘smarten up.’

When she tried to discuss with Bill his bad behavior he became defensive, angry, and mean!

Being passive, ignoring Bill’s inappropriate words or getting aggressive with him never worked…

Paula could not talk to Bill so he would listen and learn. She needed a way to communicate so he would be a better person.

Do you have a problem like this? Do your words fail to influence on your partner? If so, I understand your frustration!

Countless men and women have good ideas locked-up within themselves. Yet they have no way to share them with their partner.

There is a solution!

The solution is called -ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION-

For 25+ years I have been teaching men and women how to express themselves assertively.

Assertive Communication will give you the power to speak to your partner with confidence and without conflict making your relationship healthier and happier.

When you learn Assertive Communication your words will be more powerful and increase the likelihood they will lead to positive results!

Now you can get my audiobook Assertive Behavior — Feel strong, be strong, and get what you want

The lessons in this program will teach you ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION. Listen to this program for 8-minutes a day, for 3-weeks and then put into practice what you have learned.

When you speak assertively your words are ‘more powerful’ and will get better results. Assertive Behavior — Feel strong, be strong and get what you want, and get what you want is available from Amazon.

Paula listened 8-minutes a day, for 3-weeks to Assertive Behavior — Feel strong, be strong, and get what you want. With her new communication skills and increased confidence, she became a relationship leader.

Paula used her Assertive Communication skills to teach Bill how to avoid conflict. With Paula’s help, Bill stopped his self-made conflicts and made a better life for himself and his family.

In Paula’s own words, “Having tried many books that never helped, I decided to give this audio program a try. To be honest, I am still amazed at how well it works. This program takes core techniques and drills them into you until they become second nature. I am amazed at how well I assert my ideas and needs.

Click the button below and learn more about how to get this powerful relationship tool. Learn Assertive Communication. Use strong words. Be a relationship leader. Get now, Assertive Behavior — Feel strong, be strong, and get what you want

This video presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License.

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