How To Stop Cheating And Prevent Infidelity [9 Safeguards]

Learn how to stop the cheating that can ruin your relationship and family

Every healthy person can be attracted and fall in love with more than one person. Wanting more of the good things that we already have is part of human nature. This is true about money, honor, romance, and sex.

Everyone is a potential philanderer!

Since we are naturally greedy, we need to be careful to protect the exclusive relationship we have with our spouse or committed relationship partner. If we are not careful, and we cheat, we may end up ruining everything important to us.

If a person is not getting along with their legitimate partner, it is much more easy for them to cheat. However, for those of us who get along well with our partners, we also need to be careful. The rules listed below apply to everyone.

How To Stop Cheating And Prevent Infidelity

Hi, this is couple therapist Abe Kass, MA RSW RMFT CCHT,

I have never cheated on my spouse. I have no intention to do so. However, I know it is a possibility.


Because EVERY person can cheat.

Your husband, wife, or committed partner is our legitimate partner. If you add someone else to your romantic life this is an illegitimate relationship and it is called infidelity

Q: How to stop cheating?
A: Avoid the following behaviors with a person of the opposite sex

Sharing personal feelings

Intimacy is letting another person know about very deep parts of yourself that exist on many different levels. Your intimacy door should be open only to your husband, wife, or committed partner. Of course, sharing with family and friends who care and love you is legitimate. Doing so should be a natural byproduct of a healthy and ongoing loving relationship with your husband, wife, or partner, but there are still boundaries.

Talking about your marriage with your outside lover

If you share details about your intimate relationship with your husband, wife, or partner, this is a violation of privacy and a perversion of the intimacy you have with your legitimate partner. The definition of intimacy implies a sanctity, a sacred secret, between you and your partner that is not shared with others.

Deliberate touching

Affectionately touching someone of the opposite gender naturally elicits sexual feelings. Once you are excited, it becomes a slippery slope and you have no idea when or if you can stop. That is why it is important never to start.

Giving gifts or money

Giving gifts is a symbolic gesture of affection and caring. Giving a gift to an illegitimate partner is an invitation to step beyond the appropriate boundaries that protect your primary relationship.

Going on date

In your spare time when you have fun, the fun should be with your husband, wife, or partner. Giving the best you have to a person outside of your marriage or committed relationship is cheating. It is depriving your legitimate partner of your involvement and investment in your marriage or committed relationship.

Private meals together

For many people, food and drink is a prelude to intimacy. There may be occasional business meetings where it is appropriate to meet with someone of the opposite gender. However, it should be done in a very public place and the focus should be on business.

Arranging to meet when out-of-town

Secluding oneself when out of town with a person of the opposite gender is like combining fire and gasoline — you know what is going to happen. Once such a meeting has been arranged, the outcome is already known. You are now on a slippery slope into the embrace of infidelity.

8. Personal phone calls, text messaging, emails, or internet chat of a personal nature

Taking personal calls or other forms of communication from a person behind your husband’s, wife’s, or partner’s back qualifies as a betrayal. People don’t fall in love without first becoming involved and entangled with each other. Talking is a precursor to emotional attachment and/or lovemaking.

Doing favors

Doing a favor for another person is an act of kindness. The majority of your favors should be done for your partner and family members. If you find yourself committing many acts of kindness with another person, you could become romantically attached to him or her. You are headed in the wrong direction.

In general, one of the surest signs that you are betraying your legitimate partner is when you conceal the activities that you are having with a person with whom you could potentially have a romantic relationship.

If you find yourself tempted to lie about activities with another person who could be a threat to your marriage or committed relationship, or you have already lied about it, this is proof that you are rapidly accelerating along the infidelity highway.

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In conclusion

You have learned how to stop cheating by avoiding the 9 behaviors listed above. Now, align your self-discipline with what you know!

Protect your most valuable asset, your committed relationship, and your family. Remain loyal and faithful to your legitimate partner. To do otherwise is relationship suicidal.

Cheating and infidelity is preventable!

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Abe has helped thousands of individuals, couples, and families for twenty-five-plus years. When it comes to relationship expertise — Abe is the real deal and can be trusted!

abe kassProfessional Therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT

Abe has helped thousands of individuals, couples, and families for twenty-five-plus years. When it comes to relationship expertise — Abe is the real deal and can be trusted!