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best six decision making guidelines for committed couples

Communication Problems In A Relationship

This exercise is designed to help you and your partner calmly and respectfully agree on a plan of action or a decision when initially there are opposing points of view.

couple makes important decision to buy a car together

How To Make A Hard Decision As A Couple

As a couple, important decisions should be made together. You and your partner are of equal importance, and you both need to have decision-making and veto power over important matters.

Best 5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Relationship

Secrecy Vs Privacy In Marriage

Trust is an essential component in a healthy marriage or committed relationship. Secrecy destroys that trust! When you keep a secret from your partner you are excluding him or her from your life and in particular the part of your life that impact upon your partner.

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How To Be Happy In A Relationship

Loving and Caring Behaviors that Make Your Relationship Happy Getting married or being in a committed relationship is voluntary. Staying married or in a committed