Anger Issues and Solutions

Anger or Harmony. Which will it be?

Don’t let anger ruin you and your relationships?

If you have anger issues, the first step to solving this problem is to get my FREE 26-page Anger Management Guide.

Downloading this professional guide proves you are serious about taking responsibility for your anger outbursts.

This guide is like having a professional anger management specialist give you anger management classes on how to deal with anger issues in the privacy of your home.

Applying this anger management therapy to your daily life will eliminate many embarrassing and hurtful moments.

Hi, this is Couple and Family Therapist Abe Kass, MA RSW RMFT CCHT,

I am an expert on anger management and the kind of anger issues we all face daily.

I have written three books on anger management and have been providing professional anger management counseling for more than twenty-five years.

Living with anger is like living with an enemy. When anger is present, it will ruin everything you value.

Anger causes (and I have seen ALL of this in my clinical practice):

Relationship injury. Anger injures your valued relationships with your wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend and children. Angry people are feared and resented. Many people lose their families because of anger. Anger is the #1 cause of separation and divorce.

Personal injury. Expressing anger can destroy your emotional and physical health and work/career opportunities. From heart-attacks to being fired and everything in between, anger destroys lives.

Anger leads to legal problems. Domestic violence, arrests, fights, lawsuits, and/or jail time. Lawyers have often requested my services for individuals who were in legal trouble because of anger. I have personally counseled many men whose angry outbursts have put them behind bars. The risk is real!

Sadly, so many good people, sometimes with a single outburst of aggressive anger, put their futures at risk. And sadly, sometimes the damage is irreversible.

Safeguard all that you have achieved and all that you value.

Take action now, and learn how to deal with your anger issues and be free from destructive anger outbursts.

Learn how to deal with your anger issues and learn how to stay calm in ALL situations.

Now is YOUR opportunity to learn how to overcome your anger issues with professional anger management.

The anger control tools and tips in my Anger Management Guide are the same anger management therapy you would get from a professionally designed anger management classes or private anger management counseling.

The benefits of dealing with your anger issues and getting anger management solutions:

Be calm. Imagine the positive feeling of no longer getting triggered, being angry, and then ashamed of yourself.

Better relationships. Imagine no longer having to deal with the after-effects of a hurt wife/girlfriend or husband/boyfriend or frightened child.

Self-respect. Imagine feeling in control of your emotions and getting more respect, admiration, and love!

Learn how to deal with anger and stay calm. Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful anger.

In my Anger Management Guide you will learn:

  1. The ‘naked truth’ about anger issues and why ‘coping with anger’ is not enough.
  2. Learn how extreme anger injures everyone exposed to it, including the person expressing it!
  3. How anger and love can’t mix and how being angry may lead to a sexless marriage or committed relationship.
  4. The three essential anger management techniques that stop anger.
  5. What to do when you recognize the ‘first signs’ you are becoming angry.
  6. The nine most dangerous anger moments and what to do to stay calm.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to instantly download my FREE Anger Management Guide which will start you or your loved one on the way to successful anger management.

Thousands of good people like you have already downloaded this free offer and have improved their lives and future.

One Family’s Story

Our family used to have emotional meltdowns.O

Typically one person would start yelling or complaining, then in a second, someone else would be yelling back. It was terrible. When it happened, the entire day was ruined.

We all suffered from ‘anger injuries.’

Then we did something, and we no longer had anger problems in our family!

We got anger management help from the therapist Abe Kass.

We learned how to talk calmly about our feelings or to wait until we are calm before we speak.

We have even been able to teach our kids how important it is to stay calm and respectful.

I can’t imagine going back to the way it was before, especially when I think about what anger did to our children — how unhappy they were. Now, this is all in the past.

I am grateful we took the time to learn how to deal with our anger issues and how to control ourselves.

Seeing how much anger management has helped our family, I think everyone should learn anger management.

— Sue

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Learn how to deal with the anger issues that are harming you and your relationships.

The information in this FREE Anger Management Guide is the same anger prevention lessons my paying clients receive in my Anger Management Counseling Sessions.

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Couple and Family Therapist Abe Kass, MA RSW RMFT CCHT is a registered social worker, registered couple and family therapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and award-winning educator and writer.

Abe has a busy professional practice working with individuals, couples, and their families in Toronto, Canada, and internationally using the phone and Zoom. He has been providing anger management therapy to individuals just like you for over twenty-five years.

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