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What to Do About YOUR Anger Problem?

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Free Anger Management Quiz

Anger Management Workbook — Learn how to control anger and transform conflict into dignity, harmony and love with anger management worksheets

Text of this video:

What to Do About YOUR Anger Problem

You and your partner share friendship, companionship, and love

Suddenly anger causes you to turn on one another.

The situation may get so bad that one night you share a bed

and the next night your beds are permanently separated by neighborhoods and mountains.

The ‘anger devil’ got you — and it got you good!

Understand that anger is likely the greatest threat to YOUR relationship and wellbeing.

Keep your anger in check as you would your alcoholic drinking.

When ‘tipsy’ your thinking is impaired, you don’t drive because you could kill someone.

You don’t drink and drive because you could get arrested and put in jail, or

injured and put in the hospital… or both.

So too when angry, your thinking is impaired and as you don’t drink and drive… when angry, protect yourself and others, stay away from people.

When angry you are aggressive, irrational, mean… leading to

injury, police, jail, divorce, ruined children, a sexless relationship and more.

Take my Anger Management Test. Find out if you need to learn ANGER MANAGEMENT. See below for a link to my FREE Anger Management Test.

If you need anger management, then get my Anger Management Workbook.

This book can PROTECT you and your relationships from devastating injury.

In this workbook, I give you my deepest insights on the evils of anger and the absolute best tools to stay calm in difficult situations.

Available on Amazon — with a few dollars, and the push of a few buttons on your keyboard, it’s yours.

See below to learn more about my Anger Management Workbook.

Years ago, couples ignored their feelings and they stayed together.

No longer. Anger is now the ‘direct road’ to break-up, divorce, and loneliness.

Stay safe, protect your most valued possession — your family.

Stop ALL anger expressions, stay calm — this MUST BE your goal! Wishing you the best —Abe

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