Peace of Mind Audiobook - Eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life

Peace of Mind Audiobook - Eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life (includes self-hypnosis and guided imagery)

Feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and worry?

Millions of people suffer from debilitating anxiety and worry. It can keep you from living a full life. But there is hope.

This audiobook will teach you how to reduce your anxiety and worry using the latest techniques in psychology, education, and hypnosis. You’ll learn how to live a more comfortable life – without the fear and panic that often comes with it. Learn how to be “present” when with the people that matter to you.

You deserve to find peace of mind even after experiencing infidelity.

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Solve your anxiety and worry problems using the most natural treatment available — ‘your mind.’ When you are calm, your partner will have greater enjoyment being around you!

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Hi, this is couple and family therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT,

I have written one of the best self-help books for men and women looking to reduce their worry, fear, anxiety, and panic. And as a couple therapist, I know that anxiety and worry can be a wall between you and your partner. Your partner will feel much closer and comfortable with you, when you are calm.

This best self-help audiobook will teach you how to reduce anxiety, panic, and worry using the best of psychology, education, and hypnosis.

This ‘reduce anxiety, panic, and worry’ program has two 8-minutes anger control lessons and one 30-minutes optional deep-relaxation lesson. Each day you listen to one 8-minutes lesson. Lesson one is for your Intellectual-mind, and lesson two is for your Emotional-mind. Many people report significant results after listening for about three-weeks or less.

Additional details:

Listening length: about 45 minutes

Author: Abe Kass

Narrator: Wayne June

Program type: audiobook

NOTE: This audiobook is not like listening to a podcast or someone reading a book. This audiobook uses simple examples, repetition and is based on the techniques of self-hypnosis and guided imagery.

4 reviews for Peace of Mind Audiobook – Eliminate anxiety and feel comfortable with your life (includes self-hypnosis and guided imagery)

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    Great program. I have been listening to the CD for two weeks already, and I can testify that it works. Slowly but surely my previous sulky mood is receding. I now find myself smiling with greater frequency. Thanks to this program my outlook on life has been transformed for the better. I will certainly consider purchasing more titles from this author.

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    Hi Many years ago I bought some self-help cds from you on ebay they were amazing!!!!!!!!!!! do you still sell them?

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    It was a great book. I listen to it every night before I go to bed. It has helped me to think more positive.

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    I found this audio very useful and easy to listen to. I acquired from the internet information about the research behind it, and found it helpful for me to fully understand the methods behind the program. I now find myself changing some of myself defeating habits and thinking patterns without effort. One of the many helpful ideas from the audio is that positive thoughts and thinking is not necessary automatic but a little effort can initiate subtle and powerful change. I would recommend this type of program to anyone.

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