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Anger Control Audiobook — Learn how to control your anger and don't let it control you

Anger Control Audiobook – Learn how to control your anger and don’t let it control you (includes self-hypnosis and guided imagery)

Do you feel like your anger is always getting the best of you? You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with anger control on a daily basis.

If left unchecked, anger can ruin your valued relationships and harm your health.

There is a solution. Our Anger Control audiobook will help you learn how to control this hurtful emotion.

Listen, learn, and get control of your life — all in the comfort of your home or office. Get immediate positive results.

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Hi, this is couple and family therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT,

Healthy relationships are built with love, peacefulness, and harmony. This can only happen when there is no anger between you and your partner.

Don’t let anger get in the way of being close and loving with your partner.

Use my Anger Control audiobook to take charge of your emotions!

This anger management training is a combination of the best of psychology, education, and hypnosis.

This anger control program has two 8-minutes anger control lessons and one 30-minutes optional deep-relaxation lesson. Each day you listen to one 8-minutes lesson. Lesson one is for your Intellectual-mind, and lesson two is for your Emotional-mind. Many people report significant results after listening for about three-weeks or less.

Lasting positive changes are possible using our advanced educational techniques. In many cases, this anger management audiobook can be an effective alternative to traditional anger management therapy — and at a fraction of the cost!

Protect the love you and your partner have by keeping anger out of your relationship.

This Anger Control audiobook has already been successfully used by thousands of individuals. You too, can learn how to banish anger from your relationship and keep it far away from you and those you love.

Purchase it now!

Additional details:

Listening length: about 45 minutes

Author: Abe Kass

Narrator: Wayne June

Program type: audiobook

NOTE: This audiobook is not like listening to a podcast or someone reading a book. This audiobook uses simple examples, repetition and is based on the techniques of self-hypnosis and guided imagery.

28 reviews for Anger Control Audiobook – Learn how to control your anger and don’t let it control you (includes self-hypnosis and guided imagery)

  1. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I bought this two years ago. When I saw my anger spreading to my kids, I finally did something about it. I bought this CD and another CD. The other CD was not very useful; this CD changed my life for the better. The Anger Control CD has some short exercises you can practice every day (I listened to one a day in the car) and a relaxation section (which is more meditation/self-hypnosis so don’t listen to that in the car; you listen while relaxing on a couch or bed so you may fall asleep). Listening to an 8 minute section a day and doing the relaxation section every few days, I saw improvement in a couple of weeks and real improvement after month of so. Every six months, I break out the CD and listen for a week or so. It is practical. It works. The reader, Wayne June, has the best voice, very deep but also very sympathetic. Part of the reason I liked listening to the CD was the reader’s voice was so cool. I couldn’t see myself going to a therapist or a support group, but this CD was something I could and did do. I am glad I did. I won’t say I never get angry any more, but I don’t burst out in a white hot rage like I used to. So if you are considering getting it, take the plunge.

  2. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    “I only needed to listen to your Anger Control CD for five days, and I am no longer getting angry. It made a big difference. At this time, I don’t even feel I need to listen to the program anymore. I have already achieved my goal of learning how to stay calm.” -S.D.

  3. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I gave 4 stars because, there are 4 tracks on this CD, one of them is unnecessary, 2 of them are really short / designed to be listened to daily/ and one of them was simply a hypnotic repetition of the previous 2. The CD is relaxing to listen to in the car, on the way to work, and the lessons in this CD have great meaning… I still use it to relax at times.

  4. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    My husband got the Anger Control CD, but I have been listening to it more than him. Since starting to listen to it three weeks ago, neither of us has had an anger outburst! It is actually funny, we go around joking with each other saying, “anger is poison.” We are really getting along great.

  5. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    My wife listened to your Anger Control CD and I immediately started to notice a difference. Around the kids I could see she was struggling within herself to stay calm.

  6. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I purchased this CD for my husband and I to hear while driving. We both get angry and shout over the stupidest things. I enjoyed this CD very much and it really does help. I listen to it every day in the car and it helps me center myself for work. The information on the CD helps you realize how anger poisons you and those around you. If anger is a problem for you or someone close to you, this CD is a great tool for healing.

  7. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I love to use this as a daily therapy tool wish it was a bit longer but still very happy with this cd.

  8. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    We all have our issues. Mine is anger. I’ve tried books, groups, therapy…some worked better than others but I was still searching for a technique to help me control my anger — instead of my anger controlling me. A friend recommended this program. Only eight minutes a day, I figured, what do I have to lose? (Only my anger!) I’ve used this for a month and my family is amazed at the changes. I no longer feel overcome by my anger and for the first time, I have a handle on my own emotions. Try this one out; it might just change your life!

  9. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    This program can save your life. I am a social worker assisting individuals who have problems in managing their anger. I have tried to find practical guides to help my clients overcome their anger problems and found Anger Control by Abe Kass as the best guide in the market today. The Program is so good that I have recommended it to my colleagues and use it myself every day to remain calm. A great investment for yourself.

  10. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass


  11. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Finally a self-help Audio CD that can help unlock a better you. If you suffer from frequent anger episodes or explosive moments that place barriers between you, your family, your children, your employees, or even your co-workers this may be the CD for you. Stop making excuses claiming, this is just your disruptive temper–it is not a dysfunctional personality flaw, it is something you can change. This approach is truly unique allowing you to work little by little for a little over three weeks working your intellectual and emotional mind. There are no embarrassing meetings, groups, or frustrating, time and money wasting therapy. This CD can be played on your stereo on the way to work eliminating outside pressure. This ultimately creates a relaxing environment that can help you change and learn. Forget the books you have to plan to read! Overall the process for me took a little over a month, but it was totally worth the time and effort. The lessons are interesting and the instructions are clear and concise allowing me to apply and practice the lessons to everyday life. I finally feel free, happy, and healthy–almost like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No one can ask for better. Allow this to teach you how to calm and change your emotional response! 4/5 stars!

  12. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I listened to your Anger Control CD and now I am calm for the first time in years. Even my wife agrees that I am a different person. I no longer raise my voice and demand things from her or the kids. It’s a great program. You should sell it everywhere.

  13. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Your Anger Control CD has taught me how to keep my mouth closed when I am angry. I am greatly relieved I can do it. Thanks.

  14. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    After listening to your Anger Control CD for about a week I completely turned around the way I’m working with my employees. I used to scream and yell at them when I felt they weren’t doing their jobs properly. Today, when I saw the driver was moving slowly, instead of getting angry, raising my voice, and embarrassing him, and frustrating myself I just went into my office closed the door and stayed calm. When I saw my secretary speaking with customers in a way that I did not consider appropriate, instead of chastising her I just walked the other way rather than getting angry and upset and making her feel bad. I have a whole new way of looking at my employees now. I expect it is going to be much more comfortable for everyone, and in the end my business will improve. Thank you so much.

  15. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I began listening to this CD the other day and so far so good. It doesn’t take long at all to listen to it [less than 30 minutes tops]. So far so good… hope I still feel the same way after the couple of week’s listening to it as is requested – I will write a follow up review then.

  16. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I used to suffer from extreme anger, I would rage out at almost anything that irritated me, even slightly annoying things set me off… It was ruining my relationship… This CD helped me understand better the consequences of my rages, combined with the book I bought on rage, I managed to turn my life around and regain the love of my life. Your results may vary, as many will say, you have to want to change your life.

  17. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I have been listening to your Anger Control CD now for about a week. If I would have listened to this a year ago I would have avoided alienating my wife and eventually ending up separated. It’s a great CD. Do you have other ones that can help me reconcile with my wife?

  18. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    When facing yourself and realizing that anger is one of your problems, you always try to get to the next step and solve that issue that has been probably destroying so many aspects of your life. It is never easy to find a program that suits you, for every person likes a certain approach to treatment. One of the best qualities of the Anger Control program is that it suits almost anyone; it helped me and my friend ultimately although we both deal with our anger in complete different ways.

  19. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    One of the best, most simplistic tapes on anger management I have ever heard. To the point, easy to follow and has made a great difference in how I react to stressful situations. I’ve recommended it to everyone in my family.

  20. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Simplicity must be the ticket. There are basic concepts presented in this program that are easily grasped and get right to the core of it. They are not the concepts I had earlier heard which did little to assist.

  21. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Muy buen audio libro! A mi me ayudó bastante.

  22. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    “I have had serious anger problems since childhood. My father was an angry man. I have listened to your Anger Control CD for a few days and I can’t believe the improvement. My wife and children are shocked. No more angry outbursts. They are still cautious, but I know the improvement is permanent.”

  23. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    The strategy this program uses is shockingly close to heart. The language used was very simple and warm that it is more like listening to a friend’s advice than an advice of a “shrink”. This program treated my mindset and the way I approach and react to my anger. The knowledge that section provided me helped me understand my anger and now I find it much easier to control it. This program also altered my emotional reactions toward my anger and taught me how to transform it into a positive energy rather than a negative one, and now I am able to enjoy a much healthier emotional state even in situations that might cause me great anger. I especially love the last part of this program that takes me into an inner journey of deep relaxation. That always helps me overcome the powerful feeling of anger whenever I find yourself in that situation.

  24. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Very good audiobook! It helped me a lot.

  25. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Taking habit in listening to this program every day or two lead to a huge progress in my relationships and communication with others and with myself, too. This program taught me that a mind filled with anger is like a body filled with poison. It is only a matter of time before the poison destroys the body.

  26. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I have learned to control my anger using your Anger Control program for the first time in years, my husband is starting to cooperate with me. Instead of resisting, he is actually helping me. He just says I am being nicer. Biting my tongue and staying calm is sure worth it! For the first time in years I feel that my husband and I are a team. Even the kids notice. They are so much more relaxed.

  27. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    I found this audio very useful and easy to listen to. I acquired from the internet information about the research behind it, and found it helpful for me to fully understand the methods behind the program. I now find myself changing some of myself defeating habits and thinking patterns without effort. One of the many helpful ideas from the audio is that positive thoughts and thinking is not necessary automatic but a little effort can initiate subtle and powerful change. I would recommend this type of program to anyone.

  28. Avatar of Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    With this program Anger Control, within two weeks my family is awed at my newfound calm. My closest relationships have entered a new dimension. I urge you to try this program if you are prone to outbursts over calm in some situations, as I was.

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