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The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage to Help With Infidelity Recovery

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Hi, this is couple and family therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT,

The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage is also available in our Relationship Improvement Store. It is also featured here in our Infidelity Recovery Store to increase the opportunity for you and your partner to survive infidelity and go on to improve relationship healthy and harmony.

As you and your partner work to eliminate the relationship injury caused by cheating, The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage book should be used to show you what a healthy relationship looks like.

Aligning your relationship with each of the eight relationship rules should be your goal as the trauma of infidelity is overcome and recovery is at hand. Healthy relationships are all organized around these eight relationship rules.

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Relationship unhappiness doesn't 'just happen.' Rather, relationship unhappiness is the result of relationship mistakes made by well meaning individuals.

My book, The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage is a no-nonsense guide on preventing relationship mistakes, building love, increasing passionate sex, and making your marriage or committed relationship last.

In my book, The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage you will learn the '8 relationship rules' that when followed will lead to friendship, respect, love, and passion.

The methods in my book have been proven in my relationship clinic. Thousands of couples on the edge of a relationship meltdown have used these guidelines to rebuild their relationship into one of health and happiness!

Even if your partner is not interested in learning how to improve your relationship, when you alone make positive changes in your behavior, your partner will likely become kinder, warmer, more understanding, and more loving.

A successful relationship is more than 'good chemistry, luck, or genetics' — it is a SCIENCE! When you understand the principles and formulas of a good relationship, you will know how to build a healthy and lasting connection with your partner.

This groundbreaking book covers both sides of the equation: How to avoid relationship mistakes and build love, respect, and a lasting relationship.

Get now your copy of, The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage.

Additional details:

Pages: 167

Author: Abe Kass

Print type: PDF ebook

Reviews of The 8 Marriage Rules for a Passionate Marriage:

My wife and I read this separately and will be immediately reading it again together. We have read other relationship books because I don’t believe you can ever get enough advice when it comes to making your relationship work, but The 8 Acts Of Love That Make Your Marriage Last was one of the best and it is for the simplest of reasons. Abe Kass provides you with straight forward, poignant information. There is no beating around the bush. The title of the book is 8 Acts and you get them one after another with specific and well-designed points that lay out each and every step. I have read other similar relationship books and found myself scoffing at some of the information. It doesn’t always feel like it applies to me specifically or my marriage but with Kass’ book there is nothing here to scoff at. There wasn’t a single point, in my opinion, that couldn’t apply to every couple in some shape or form. How can anyone argue with someone who encourages kindness, loyalty, honesty and acceptance? You will also be shown the pitfalls that we can stumble into in our marriages that break these simple Acts and how to avoid them.

Despite being laid out in a completely obvious way, the book never feels too clinical or difficult to read. It isn’t a long book nor does it need to be. The case studies of specific couples make it a far more interesting read and you will find at least some of their situations relatable to you. There is nothing here that isn’t worthy of covering. Kass doesn’t speak to only the men or the women but in fact breaks up the points to cover both sexes, in some cases even specifically speaking out to the man and woman separately. Love Act #2 which is “Be Without Anger”, he talks about the man’s anger, the woman’s anger, anger control and concise steps to doing this.

The beauty of the book is how simple and straight forward the information is presented. It never feels condescending, accusatory or frustrating like other similar books can be. The book will challenge you to carry out the 8 Acts and it breaks things down to make it easy to start with baby steps. Most importantly, I believe every relationship will be strengthened by the information provided here. It is such a vital book and so well written because it encompasses all couples at any stage of their marriage. I even believe a couple who may find their relationship in a lot of trouble could benefit a great deal from reading this. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in or the status of your marriage because these acts can be applied to your life NOW! This will be a book I refer to again and I feel like a significantly better person having read it. -R.D.

These "Acts of Love" will help improve ANY relationship! The 8 Acts of Love was written by a seasoned family therapist with over 20 years of experience and it shows! One of the first things that stood out to me was the part where Kass talked about the content of this book being for ANY union - marriage between male and female, same sex unions whether they've had a marriage ceremony or not, etc. I appreciated that.

The author lets you know all the steps you need to work on for a happy, fulfilling marriage (or relationship) for BOTH parties involved. Chances are there is something in this book that will benefit you and your relationship in some way. I personally enjoy reading books on relationships from time to time because we should always be growing and making ourselves the best versions of us that we can be - for ourselves, for our partners and for everyone around us. There are plenty of examples that Abe Kass has put into this book to help improve any relationship!

I also enjoyed the examples from real relationships that could have gone the divorce route, where Kass implemented any one of his Acts of Love that helped to completely turn the relationship around and had both parties happy being together again. As Kass states, you can control the outcome of your marriage and this book shows you exactly how to nurture it so that both can be happy together again, for the long haul.

Recommended to anyone who wants to nurture their relationships and make themSELVES better! -M.A.

Five Stars. This is a very easy read. He recommends reading only 8 minutes a day for three weeks. This is very well thought out, practical and easy to follow A+++. -D.F.

Finally a book that makes Sense!! -T.E

A marriage therapist's no-nonsense guide on how to prevent divorce, build love, increase sex, and make your marriage last (Kindle Edition) This book was so simple and easy to read and I never felt like a patient being spoken to by my doctor. Everything is in terms we could easily grasp and adapt to our situation no matter what it was. I think that any couple would highly benefit by reading Mr. Kass’s book as it covers all stages of your relationship and promotes honesty, loyalty and acceptance of one anothers’ differences. He gives examples of other couples and their accomplishments to aid us in rethinking our reactions to many of the things life brings to the marriage.

Thank you Mr. Kass for writing this short book as it has been a huge help to my husband and I, and I would highly recommend it to all couples. Well Done! -L.H.

YOU'VE GOT TO READ THIS ONE! Definitely relevant for anyone who is married, and wants to make their marriage better! Simple, easy to understand principals that we tend to forget or take for granted over the years. -M.H.

Great advice! I found this book to have excellent advice for all types of couples. While it is mainly written for a heterosexual marriage, almost all of the acts an be applied to a gay manage or relationship as well, which was my reason for reading this book. The same acts can also be used with friendships and other types of relationships if they are changed a little. There's a lot of good information and advice given in the little book! -J.C.

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