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The 15 Essential Facts Victims of Emotional Abuse Need to Know

The 15 Essential Facts Victims of Emotional Abuse Need to Know

Emotional abuse can be hard to identify and even harder to deal with.

You may feel like you’re going crazy, that it’s your fault, or that you can’t do anything to make the abuse stop.

This book will help you understand emotional abuse and give you the tools you need to break free from the cycle of abuse.

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Hi, this is couple and family therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT,

You believe you are in an emotionally abusive relationship — which includes verbal abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, or psychological abuse. NOW you need to know what to do about it!

The 15 Essential Facts Victims of Emotional Abuse Need to Know provides you with proven, informative, and powerful tools to deal with abuse.

If you allow emotional abuse to be a part of your life you, and perhaps other family members, will be injured. And the longer the abuse continues, the more difficult it will be for you to heal once the abuse has ended.

Hopefully, the abuse in your relationship can be stopped. However, if the abuse doesn’t stop, learn what your options are and where you can get the needed help.

No one deserves to be abused, and no one has the right to abuse another. These are non-negotiable human rights!

My book, The 15 Essential Facts Victims of Emotional Abuse Need to Know is written to be a ‘quick read’ so you can get to the solutions you need easily and simply.

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Pages: 122

Author: Abe Kass

Print type: PDF ebook, paperback available from Amazon

9 reviews for The 15 Essential Facts Victims of Emotional Abuse Need to Know

  1. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Very helpful ways at looking at problems. I found this to be a very useful book that put into print what I was finding it difficult to see for myself. Seeing the words that described my feelings was very powerful. Glad I bought it!

  2. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Excellent resource. If you believe that you are in an abusive relationship this book is a necessary read. I read this book and it helped me to understand that I did not deserve the abuse in my relationship, and that no one has the right to abuse me as a human being. See in my family of origin I was abused and this made me feel like this was what I was to expect in love. Well, that is not true and God helped me to understand that I am worth more than that through reading this book.

  3. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Easy read. Makes sense.

  4. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Easy read but very helpful. Fantastic book for anyone who thinks they may be in an abusive relationship. Great look into the signs of emotional abuse and how to deal with it. I found a great deal of help in this book in learning to deal with emotional abuse from my wife. Get this book. Get help and most of all take your life back. -J.J.

  5. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Practical info, very helpful! RI appreciated the list of specifics for identifying emotional abuse and specific actions for stopping emotional abuse.

  6. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Five Stars. A good read. Helpful.

  7. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Hello Abe. Just spoken to my Daughter re the “book” I purchased for her yesterday. Just wanted to feedback to you she has found it very accessible and was thrilled that she can now use it instead of pouring out her heart to friends. It has given her hope to reclaim herself esteem Thank you thank you for your insight and wisdom Kind regards.

  8. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    An Excellent read. This book Makes you more aware of emotional abuse especially when it comes to Narcissistic personalities. This will confirm what you’ve experienced and will spur you On to get out of the relationship.

  9. Abe Kass

    Abe Kass

    Helpful, short and objective. This is a really helpful short guide that helped me in all my confusion, start to make sense of what has been happening. Objective, non-blaming and to the point. Has also given me some ideas of what to do next.

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