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Surviving Infidelity: Restoring Trust, Finding Forgiveness, and Living Happily Together

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Hi, this is couple and family therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT,

Infidelity need not spell the end of your marriage or committed relationship.

In my professional work as a marriage and family therapist, I have worked with many couples who have had their lives shattered by infidelity; the trust, love, and innocence destroyed. Fortunately, with the right effort these couples have successfully repaired the ifidelity damage, and so can you.

To help you along, I have developed a 7-Step Recovery Map to support you in this journey. This map is the primary subject in my groundbreaking book, Surviving Infidelity: A Couple's Journey using the 7-Step Recovery Map.

The 7-Step Recovery Map:

Step One: Cease All Contact with the Romantic Outside Person

Step Two: Prove That the Affair Has Ended

Step Three: The Partner Who Strayed Must Feel Genuine Remorse

Step Four: The Partner Who Strayed Must Accept 100% Responsibility for the Affair

Step Five: The Couple Must Have Candid Conversations

Step Six: Couples Must Aim to Resume a ‘Normal’ Relationship

Step Seven: Couples Must Address Their Historic Relationship Issues

Completing the 7-Steps as instructed in my 7-Step Recovery Map will greatly increase the likelihood the two of you will rekindle your relationship love and trust — even if there were problems in your relationship at the time the cheating occurred.

Please note: Your infidelity recovery may require in addition to the help from my book, Surviving Infidelity, assistance from an experienced and caring relationship expert.

This book is easy to read, without fluff or psychobabble and has no unnecessary words.

Surviving Infidelity: A Couple's Journey using the 7-Step Recovery Map guides you in the practical steps needed to make amends, restore trust, find forgiveness, and live together happily for the rest of your lives.

Additional details:

Pages: 87

Author: Abe Kass

Print type: PDF ebook

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