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Assertive Behavior Audiobook — Get this essential tool to help stop abuse (includes self-hypnosis and guided imagery)

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Hi, this is couple and family therapist Abe Kass MA RSW RMFT CCHT,

Assertiveness Training audiobook is also available in our Relationship Improvement Store. It is also featured here in our Stop Abuse Store, as the ability to assert oneself is critical to protecting yourself from abuse.

Abuse is the sustained attempt by an abuser to control his or her victim. Typically, the abuser bullies, gaslights, insults, and degrades his or her victim.

With the strategic use of 'assertive behavior,' you can neutralize much of your abuser's efforts to control and dominate. As well, being assertive helps you protect your self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and prevent depression.

All abuse is wrong and cannot be justified. 'Assertive behavior' may be for you an essential tool to help free yourself from being abused.

* * *

Good communication is necessary to have a healthy, happy, and successful relationship. In order to communicate effectively, you need to 'be assertive.'

If you are not assertive, then you are either aggressive and angry or passive and frustrated. To build a healthy relationship with your partner, you need to feel confident and strong — this can only happen when you are assertive.

This self-help assertiveness training audiobook uses the best of psychology, education, and hypnosis.

This program has two 8-minutes assertive behavior lessons and one 30-minutes optional assertive behavior deep-relaxation lesson. Each day you listen to one 8-minutes lesson. Lesson one is for your Intellectual-mind, and lesson two is for your Emotional-mind. Many people report significant results after listening for about three-weeks or less.

Listen to a short clip of Assertive BehaviorFeel strong, be strong, and get what you want:

With Assertive Behavior — Feel strong, be strong, and get what you want, you will learn how to ask for and get cooperation from your partner. Learn to speak-up so you can get your needs met, protect yourself from anxiety, and prevent depression.

Additional details:

Listening length: about 45 minutes

Author: Abe Kass

Narrator: Wayne June

Program type: audiobook

NOTE: This audiobook is not like listening to a podcast or someone reading a book. This audiobook uses simple examples, repetition and is based on the techniques of self-hypnosis and guided imagery.

Reviews of Assertive Behavior Feel strong, be strong, and get what you want:

"Incredible. Being a school teacher many extra curricular activities come up. Many a time I was asked to take charge.I could not say "no". I felt small and meek, unable to voice my opposition. That is, until I purchased this Audio Program. I have since learned to stand up for myself. I have gained the courage to say "no, that's not what I want". I feel like a new man. I am in control of MY LIFE. Thank you Wisdom Scientific for the great program!" - Steigertje

"I have been listening to your Assertive Behavior CD everyday for one week. The changes that have already taken place are remarkable. For the first time in my twenty years of marriage I was able to stand-up to my husband. Previously, I would only make excuses why I didn’t want to do something now I can tell him what I really want. I feel so much better and all of this after only one week!" - T.W.

"Hi Abe,
I am listening to your CDs on Assertiveness and Relationship Listening skills. They have helped me a lot. You are an excellent Social Worker. Thank you." -Y.P.

"Having tried many books that never managed to help me. I decided to give this audio program a try. To be honest I am still amazed at how well it works.

My problem with books always was that even after they give you all the techniques and explanations when it came to the real world my voice always managed to disappear and I couldn't assert myself. This program takes just the core techniques necessary and drills them into you till they become second nature, at that point you just find yourself speaking up when necessary. Often, after formerly difficult situations I am amazed at how well well I asserted my opinion and needs." - Brave Dave.

"I have been using your Assertive Behavior CD now for a few weeks and it has really helped me get what I want, and also not feel guilty when I don’t want to do things for other people. I am planning to give this program to my teenage daughter to listen to. I don’t want her to make the same mistakes that I have been making. I now know how to avoid feeling overwhelmed and make my life work." - P. A.

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